Tyler’s Oz is the Australian offshoot of Tyler’s Men, hailing from Blackheath, London, SE8, performing Morris dancing in the Border style.

The Border style Morris dances made their way to Australia when Andy Lamb (Tyler’s Men’s Eminence Grise) came down under to teach a workshop at the 1994 National Folk Festival in Canberra. Over 50 people attended, and 6 dances were taught in about an hour and a half!

During that trip, Andy appointed David Purdue as Comptroller in Ordinary of Tyler’s Oz, and gave permission for the Tyler’s dances to be taught to all willing Australians.

We still dance the same six basic dances that form the core Tyler’s Men tradition, but we have added another of our own (the Greywell Suspension Bridge Dance).

While still a national side, most Tyler’s Oz activities take place in Victoria (where David lives), and mostly consists of an annual tour – conducted in the Winter months as that is the only time in Australia that the weather is cold enough to dance in Tyler’s kit! Every few years we also visit the National Folk Festival.

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