The 2017 Tyler’s Tour – Ballarat By Train

Nearly time for the Tyler’s Tour of Ballarat, to be held on Saturday 5 August 2017.

Kick off will be a little earlier than anticipated – catch the 08:14 train from Southern Cross towards Arrarat.

We will get off at Wendouree (09:47) and make our way down to the Ballarat Tramway Museum where we will meet up with Peter Waugh and Australia’s newest Morris side, Oak, Smash and Thorn.

We will find a quiet corner for a run through of all the dances, then do a few at the Museum for the punters.

From the Museum we will make our way back to town by bus, where we will find one of Ballarat’s 1033 pubs for lunch.

After lunch we will dance in the streets of Ballarat (mainly Lydiard Street), and, who knows, may visit one or two of Ballarat’s other 1032 pubs.

As the evening sets in, we will venture back to Ballarat Station, perhaps for a spot more dancing, then catch a train back to Melbourne. There are approimately 10 trains back after 17:00 (the last is at 22:29), so we can play the return time by ear, possible getting wedged in at one of Ballarat’s 1033 pubs.

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